My Siggery Heresy 6 – FOR SALE

Having moved house recently, i’ve decided to trim down my guitar collection, and rather unusually, this has begun with the purchase of a new guitar. I figured if I get one new awesome guitar that covers all bases that I need better than my existing guitars, i can sell them and not be missing anything. As usual, I started looking on eBay, quite fancying an Ibanez prestige – probably an RG121. I kept looking for a few weeks but the right Ibanez didn’t come up for sale, but instead I spotted a Siggery Heresy 6…


I started to read up on Siggery guitars, and the gist was that he’s a UK custom guitar builder who’s basically gone out of business and taken a lot of people’s guitar build deposits with him. This is just what I’ve read – I could be wrong of course.

Thread on HERE

Thread on HERE

The guitar I saw on eBay disappeared and i was rather annoyed, but as luck would have it it was relisted so I put in an offer and it was accepted. I suspect the seller IS actually Marty Siggery himself, selling off some guitars he’s finished, and I did ask but as yet have not received a reply. Anyway, to the guitar – here are the pictures from the ebay listing:

Here’s the spec from the auction:

Custom Built Siggery Heresy 6

Body – Aged Mahogany
Neck – 5 Piece Mahogany/Maple/Walnut
Fingerboard – Bound Wenge
Frets – 24 Jumbo
Scale – 25.5″
Radius – 16″
Nut – 42mm
24th Fret – 58mm
Truss Rod – 2 way
Bridge – Tune-O-Matic
Pickups – Siggery Custom Calibrated
Machine Heads – Locking
Controls – Volume, 3 way mini switch

Beautiful guitar. Ebony Control Cover. Plays and sounds great. Set up with low action. Skinny Neck, Wizard Style

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