Of course, most guitars are delivered and collected by the customer or myself, so payment in old fashioned pound notes is always a good option! Bank transfer (if you have the app on your phone all set up) is also really easy. I also accept Paypal too using the friends and family option so i don’t have to pay a charge at my end.

My Paypal email address is

PLEASE NOTE: All Paypal payments MUST be sent “Friends & Family” to avoid Paypal taking a commission.

I don’t currently accept cheques or credit cards directly, but you can send money via Paypal using a card, even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

As it’s likely I’ll have your guitar hostage I don’t ask for payment upfront – money on collection is fine, but please note that unless I’ve known you for years there are no exceptions to this rule. I don’t like the subject of money and hate to fall out about it, so just to be clear I will definitely need paying before your guitar leaves my hands. Life is tricky enough without chasing bad debts, I’m sure you’ll agree.