Floating Trem Setup

As you may already know, guitars with floating trem systems such as Floyd Rose or Ibanez Edge can be fiddly to set up and will not stay in tune unless everything is done correctly.

I’ve had years of experience with floating trem guitars and have several myself – from OFR (Original Floyd Rose), Ibanez Edge, Ibanez Lo-Pro and cheaper licensed Floyd Rose versions.

I’ve written a couple of blogs about floating trem systems that you might want to read first as they go into some detail – Do You Need A Guitar With a Floating Trem and also Why Won’t My Floyd Rose Stay In Tune?

After reading those you’ll understand why a good setup is required if a locking trem system is to work properly and stay in tune as it should. As well as doing the setup, I can show you how to restring your guitar properly, which is a very important piece of the puzzle.

Got a floating trem guitar that’s not behaving? Get in touch!