Custom Cables

Fed up of cheap cables that go faulty all too often? Need a specific cable for your setup? With all this in mind I have designed a range of cables to suit many applications, and all of them are made by me, by hand, here in my Leeds workshop.

I use only the best Klotz, Mogami and Van Damme cables, and connectors from Rean, Neutrik, Switchcraft and more. Where appropriate, each cable also has additional heat shrink internal shielding and external heat shrink strain relief. Some leads also include Techflex braiding for additional strength and durability.

Best of all, each lead has its own serial number and comes with a no-quibble lifetime guarantee. If it goes faulty, send it back and I will repair or replace free of charge and return it to you. Can’t say fairer than that, right?

The Flecks Range


The first cable I wanted to design and bring to market was a simple 1m long auxiliary lead for use with headphones, iPads, iPods and in car entertainment systems. Many of the cables available are extremely cheap and nasty, and while they do a job, they’re not going to last. Flecks cables are all about no nonsense, quality design, quality components and incredibly robust manufacturing processes.

Cable: Van Damme Classic Pro Patch stereo shielded

Connectors: Rean NYS231 L 3.5mm stereo nickel jacks

Contruction: The cables are soldered to the connectors using silver solder, and the exposed conductors are protected with heatgun glue to ensure that any stray wires never touch each other. The plug chassis and first inch of cable are then strengthened with glued heatshrink tubing. This holds the wire to the plug with incredible strength – much greater that any chuck type strain relief system. The barrel of the connector is then screwed in place with threadlock (to to keep it tight) and a further layer of heatshrink is added over the top of the barrel and first inch of cable.

The cable is available in three thicknesses – 3.6mm, 4.85mm and 6.35mm, with plugs to suit. All of the cables feature quality conductors and screening.