Just to save time, I’m compiling a list of frequently asked questions. I’ll add more as I think of them 🙂

How Long Will My Guitar Take to Do?

It generally depends what work I currently have in the shop. I aim to have all guitars turned around in a week, but if I’m stacked out, or have to order parts for your guitar, it can take longer. If you have a deadline for a gig or a rehearsal etc, let me know and I will try to hit it for you.

When Can I Drop Off or Collect?

I work from home, which gives me a lot of flexibility for pickup and drop-off times. I am usually up and around for 9am at the latest, and don’t lock the door til about 9pm. Having said that, I do tend to pop out fairly regularly to do a bit of shopping or to go for a walk. If you want to drop a guitar off, ALWAYS call me before setting off – even if we’ve prearranged a time.

What Pickups Should I Buy?

I’m not an expert when it comes to the varying opinions of “tone”, and in fact I try to avoid such discussions where possible. In general, the best way to get the sound in your head is to practice more, but I know some people like to swap and change parts and that’s fair enough. If I’ve got experience with a certain pickup I’ll let you know, but the internet is probably your best bet if you want ten million different opinions on what you should buy.

What Strings Do You Stock?

For electric guitar I like Rotosounds. I was an Ernie Ball man for years, but now I’m converted. Rotos don’t sound really rattly when you first put them on – they are more consistent over time. They don’t take as much stretching in, so great for locking trems. You get a free top E string in the packs, so that’s great if I break one, and it means I have spares if anyone is ever stuck for a single string. Lastly, I’ve yet to see a pack of counterfeit Roto strings, which I’ve seen quite a lot of with Ernie Ball and D’Addario. I have 9’s and 10s in stock – any others I order when I need them.

For acoustics I stock an 11-50 “custom light” noname set which is a great allround string. I find that acoustic players that have a preference for a particular string will usually supply their own.


Payment on collection is fine. I can do Paypal, cash or bank transfer – whatever is easiest for you. No cheques (it’s the 21st century you know!) and I don’t have a card machine, not that that’s ever been a problem.

How much will my guitar cost to fix?

You can see my general price list HERE. If we’re not sure what’s wrong with it, I’ll need to take a look and possibly even do a bit of work on it before I can know for sure. But don’t worry, there will never be any work done before I tell you what it’s going to cost. If I do a bit of investigative work and we find out that it’s going to cost a lot and you don’t want to spend the cash, that’s fine. No charge for looking.


If I’m doing something quick like putting a set of strings on an acoustic or tightening a loose socket, sure. If it’s anything more than that it’s best to leave it with me, especially if I’m already in the middle of doing another guitar (which I nearly always am!)