Help! My Guitar Has a Broken String!

I get phone calls and email from people all the time who have a guitar with a broken string. Usually, it’s a guitar that’s been in storage for a while and the person who owns it doesn’t know anything about guitars. They don’t know what’s caused it or how to fix it, and would like to know how much it costs to put right. This article will tell you what you need to know!

Most guitar strings (classical guitars excepted) are made mostly from steel. Eventually, steel corrodes (rusts) and can become weakened, resulting in a string that breaks. Sometimes they can break because they have been wound onto the tuning peg (machinehead) incorrectly. Sometimes the string has been pulled or caught on something, causing it to snap. Strings are seen as a “consumable part”. They don’t last forever, and indeed, they are usually changed on a regular basis depending on how often the guitar is played. My guitars that sit at home may get the strings changed twice a year. Guitars that I use for playing live gigs may get new strings every week or two.

Guitar strings are usually replaced all at once and a set of acoustic or electric strings costs about £5. Bass guitar string are more expensive, typically ranging from £10-£40 for a set. I charge £10 to £15 for taking the old strings off, giving the fingerboard (the wood under the strings) a clean, and putting the new strings on, ready to play. See more info about that HERE.

If the guitar hasn’t been played for a few years it may also benefit a SETUP. This is where the parts of the guitar are adjusted to make it play in tune, and make it feel nice and easy to play. This costs between £35 and £45, depending on the type of guitar.

So there you go. Having a guitar with a broken string is no problem and is easily fixed.

Some quick prices for you:

  • Set of acoustic, classical or electric strings – £5 and up
  • Set of bass guitar strings – £10 and up
  • String change charge – £10 or £15, depending on the guitar
  • Setup (this includes the string change) £35 or £45, depending on the guitar.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch HERE


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