Jim Croisdale - Guitar Technician in LeedsIf you’re going to give someone your expensive instrument to work on, you’ll probably want to know what experience they’ve got, and quite rightly so! I thought I’d just tell you a little more about myself so you know that you’re in safe hands.

I started to play the guitar when I was about sixteen. After a year or so I began having lessons with a guy who was also a guitar maker and technician and this sparked my interest. I would hang around in his workshop before and after my lesson looking at his tools and the guitars that were in for work. I suppose I was (and still am) a bit of a geek and I found it really interesting.

Once I started my A-Levels, I would go to school, get my lessons out of the way and then get the bus to my guitar teacher’s unit.  I went nearly every day for 2 years and in this time learned how to do most of the guitar work that I still do today. I also helped out quite a lot with guitar making, but more on that later. I asked the guy if i could have a job, but alas he said he couldn’t help me out. he did however recommend a guitar making course that was offered at City of Leeds College of Music. I applied and was accepted, so after my A-Levels I went to college to study guitar building, woodworking and engineering for two years. I gained a BTEC National Diploma at merit grade. I was all lined up to go back and do a further 2 years on the HND course, but alas it was cancelled at the last minute. Without sufficient workshop experience I couldn’t really call myself a guitar maker at that point (many on the course wanted to be) so I stuck to setups and repairs and got on with my life.

Since then I played guitar and bass in many bands, and done probably in excess of 1000 gigs. I’ve worked on lots of guitars over the years, keeping my tech skills in shape and learning new things along the way.

Fast forward to 2016 and I’m looking for new career that will let me work from home so that I can play a more active role in my growing family. After much thought, I decided that offering my guitar repair services in a more formal capacity was the way to go. My dream workshop is all ready and the old tools are out and in action once again.

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