Guitar Tech Course

I’ve been planning a one day guitar tech course for some time now, and I want to start gathering email addresses from interested parties. This will mean I can contact you with concrete dates when I have them, and we can organise things from there. Stick your email address in the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll add you to the “interested” list. I promise not to sell your email address to unscrupulous internet scammers… 🙂

The course will be done in one day (roughly 8 hours) and there will be just 6 places on each day course. This means that everyone gets plenty of personal attention from me as and when required, and all six guitars should go away setup perfectly by the end of the day.

COST: £100

LOCATION: Oulton Institute, 5 Quarry Hill, Oulton, Leeds, LS26 8SX

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: Yourself, your guitar, a new pack of strings and your lunch!

WHAT I PROVIDE: A bench and all the tools and equipment you will need.


The course will at this stage be aimed at guitar players with any level of knowledge of their instrument. Questions will be answered at ANY stage of the day – I absolutely DO NOT WANT anyone sat there feeling confused by anything that’s been said. There are no stupid questions and I’ll be on hand ALL DAY to answer any queries you have. We’ll start with some basic discussion of how and why guitars are made and work the way that they do. This will include:

  • Guitar strings
  • The neck, fingerboard & frets
  • The body
  • Tuning pegs/machine heads (call ’em what you will)
  • The nut
  • The truss rod
  • The bridge (fixed or tremolo systems)
  • Pickups
  • Volume and tone controls
  • Switches and active systems

We’ll discuss string gauge, action, intonation, nut height and lots more – pretty much everything that I include in my FULL BEANS SETUP

Once we’ve gone over the design of the electric guitar and covered some of the more common variations, we’ll get onto the setup of YOUR guitar. One by one I’ll go around the class and work through the various stages of inspection, setup and restringing of each guitar in the room, explaining exactly what we’re doing as I go along. This means that as well as your own guitar, you’ll learn about the other five guitars in the room too – valuable extra knowledge!

Once all the guitars are finished we can do a question and answer session where all members of the class are more than welcome to ask me whatever they want, and I will answer with my usual level of flair and panache… And that, as they say, should about cover it!