Guitar Refrets

I will say from the outset that I don’t do refrets myself at the moment. Refretting a guitar is not something that I’ve done enough of over the years, and although I can do it to a good standard I’m not happy to offer it as a service.

Why is this, I hear you ask? Well, quite simply, a refret can completely change the way your guitar feels. It’s not all about replacing worn frets, it’s about preserving or improving the feel of your guitar’s neck. When you hold the neck of a guitar and run your hand up and down it, the fret ends play a massive role in how the neck feels to you. If a neck is refretted poorly, and the fret ends are not finished beautifully, the guitar will feel bad. If the fretting is superb (and it is an artform) the guitar will be silky and generally all round awesome – all other things being equal.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided to bow out. I still do refrets on my own instruments and often use cheap guitars as guinea pigs, but as for doing a sterling job 100% of the time on your expensive Strat or PRS? Not quite there yet. 🙂

Refrets are not a place to save money, and a good one will run you to around £200. A bad one can cost about the same. Of course, for a guitar to be worth refretting it’s probably going to have cost far in excess of £200 to start with or you’d just be more likely to buy a new guitar.

So what am I telling you here? Well, let me tell you about a chap I know. He’s well into his sixties and is more or less retired. He used to work in a guitar custom shop in the UK for a famous name that I won’t mention. I bumped into him at a gig a few years ago and we ended up talking about guitar setups and general techery and he told me what he used to do for a living. Anyway, long story short, he still does a few refrets for those that know him, and I am one of those people. believe me when I tell you that this guy is among the very best.

Get in touch with me via my contact page and let’s chat refrets – we have much to discuss!