Web Design

I’ve been working in the web and graphic design arenas for many years. I built this site and I could build a site for you, too.

I specialise in relatively simple web sites based around pages, blogs, text and pictures and if supplied with images and words I can get a site built and working in a short space of time. I can also embed Soundcloud players, YouTube videos, BandCamp players and much more!

Web Design Examples





Features & Benefits

Each of these sites are built on the WordPress platform, which has several benefits:

  • Responsive (work on PC’s, laptops, tablets and phones)
  • £11 per year, plus the cost of your domain name (usually less than £5 per year)
  • Totally stable and backed up – you’ll never lose anything
  • 3GB of free image storage


I can get you a quote really quickly, and I know it will probably be one of the cheapest you’ll get because I’m all about speed – and time is money! Simply send me a list of the pages that your site will need, plus an outline of what each will have on it. From that, I can work out a price for your site. It will usually be somewhere between £100 and £300, and If you supply the text and images the whole thing can usually be up and running in less than a week.

I ask for my design fee, and then I will buy the domain name of your choice and add that to the bill, plus the WordPress charge for mapping a custom domain to your site. Depending on what domain name you choose this will usually be less than £20 a year.


Once the site is built it’s all yours – if you visit me in Leeds I can even go through the backend of your site and show you how to add pages and edit things as and when you need to. If you’re not tech savvy and would rather I did it, we can usually come to some agreement whereby I make all your monthly amends in one go every month for a small fee – usually less than £30.

What You’ll Need to Get Started

If you’re interested in having a site built, it’s worth me mentioning now that a website is nothing without content. Without content, a site is just a skeleton – you need to provide the meat on the bones. This can include:

  • Logo
  • Homepage text
  • About page text
  • Contact details (email address or telephone number)
  • Social media details
  • Artist biographies
  • Discographies
  • Photographs
  • Links to YouTube videos you want to show
  • Links to Soundcloud/BandCamp players you want to show

The list goes on. You’ll need to have most of this ready before we get started!

Interested in your own website? Get in touch!