Can I Have My Action As Low As Possible Without Buzzing?

So, you want your action “as low as possible without buzzing”?

This unfortunately is a phrase that makes guitar techs the world over grit their teeth, and for good reason – there’s no such thing, or rather – if I set the action to have absolutely no fretbuzz, you’d likely complain that it was too high.

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Doo I need a Floating Trem Floys Rose guitar

Do I Need a Guitar with a Floyd Rose?

When you’re looking to buy a new guitar you’ll notice that an awful lot of the guitars on the market today have a floating tremolo system, often called a Floyd Rose (after the name of the first bloke to make them). Whether it’s actually a Floyd Rose trem, or many of the other variants available on the market, you are presented with a certain set of consideration to think about before you know if you really need one or not. Continue reading