So You Think I’m Expensive?

I know sometimes that guitar setup and repair work can seem expensive, usually when the instrument didn’t cost much to start with. Unfortunately, cheap instruments  aren’t magically cheaper, quicker or easier to work on than more expensive guitars so a £50 setup on a £100 guitar seems unreasonable, whereas the same work on a £500 is more manageable.

So why would you spend money setting up a cheap guitar? Here are three good reasons:

The improvement will be much greater than if you’d simply spent the £50 on a more expensive guitar.

All cheap guitars lack one thing – time spent on quality hand finishing and setup. Machines are getting smarter but it takes experience to really finish a guitar so that it’s ready to play. A £100 guitar with a £50 setup will play a ton better than a £150 guitar and no proper setup. I guarantee it.

A pro setup can actually increase the resale value of your guitar.

If you’ve paid £100 for a new guitar, it’s likely a cheap brand, or a cheaper model from a more established manufacturer. Either way, it’s this type of guitar that loses a lot of value right away as they are often not worth a lot second hand. If, however, you can sell your cheap guitar with a document to prove that it has been setup professionally, this will set it apart from much of the competition on eBay or Gumtree etc. You may well find that it sells quicker, or goes for more money. In other words, you’ll get a lot of your £50 setup money back.

Cheap guitars are so good these days!

When I started playing in the early 90s, a lot of new and second hand cheap guitars were complete crap from start to finish. They were poorly designed, played badly and sounded terrible. These days (as of 2016) the game has moved on significantly, and a £100 guitar has the potential to be a gigging, working instrument if you really wanted it to be. Don’t get me wrong, lots of people lust after that top of the range PRS, Fender or Ibanez, but if you’re not one of them (and you don’t have to be) get a cheaper guitar and get it set up right. Don’t think of the £50 as a loss – think of the money you’ve saved buying a cheaper guitar that still does a great job.

Swayed you a bit? It does make sense! Now why not hop on over to the contact page and drop me a line? Or, why not go back and see what a setup actually costs and what it can do for your guitar. Don’t forget the daddy of all setups too – The Full Beans


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