So You Think I’m Cheap?

Pricing any service is tricky and depending on any client’s point of view, any one price can look expensive or cheap. Many new guitarists (or parents of guitarists) think that guitar tech work is expensive, usually because the cost of the instrument was so low. It’s the whole “How come it costs £50 to set up a £90 guitar?” scenario. You can read that blog here – So You Think I’m Expensive?

If you think i’m cheap it’s probably for one of two reasons:

  1. You’ve had guitar work done in the past and you’re comparing prices with other techs
  2. You’re my GF and you want a new car.

Let’s assume you’re the first option….

So you’ve compared costs and you’ve compared websites and services etc and you like the cut of my jib and think I sound like a dedicated chap who will do a good job. The one thing that’s niggling you is my prices. Just a little too low, right? Okay, let me explain.

Why My Costs Are Low

I came back to guitar making full time at the back end of 2015. It had bee a regular hobby for many years but quite some time since I last did it in a professional capacity. Playing bass and guitar in bands also kept me busy with mine and my band mate’s guitars. As it says on the About Me page.

In short: I haven’t been doing this for a living.

“Oh!” I hear you cry. “He’s admitting he’s not a professional!”

Far from it. I would pit my skills against the very best – that’s not where I’m going with this so let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. Okay?

For the last 10 years I have been working in design/web/print/marketing/SEO etc etc. All a lot of bollocks as I’m sure you’ll agree, but I have learned one or two skills along the way. I built this website for starters – pretty nice huh? Looks good on mobile, right? Tablets too? No accident.

I also learned a lot about SEO. SEO is basically the black art of getting your website to the top of the results page when people search for something that you sell. So if someone searches for “guitar setups leeds” it would be great if I could be in number one spot.

Thing is, I know how that’s done. I’ve done my research and I can see that other websites like mine are owned by people who don’t really know how to do the same. Now don’t get me wrong – we all have our own skills, see the guitar refret page for instance – but SEO is one of mine.

So in short, using my SEO/web skills i’m anticipating getting more volume of clients. The more I have, the less dead time in a working day I will also have, and the more cost effective I become. My overheads are low too, which of course helps.

That, in a nutshell, is why I can be a little cheaper. 🙂

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