AVOID Ian Elson Guitars!

A few years back I noticed a guitar maker on Facebook called Ian Elson. He made simple mahogany guitars for very reasonable prices. PRS style (ish) with clean looks a quality hardware. I followed him on social media and liked the way he did things.

Fast forward a few years and a client of mine is having poor luck buying guitars so I said “why not try an Ian Elson guitar?” Well, we looked at some pics together and he liked what he saw, so he contacted Ian and the deal was done. A few months went by and the guitar was delivered to my client. He brought it round that evening for me to have a look at. He was NOT happy.

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Buying Guitars On Ebay – A Guide

Ebay is a very popular place to buy musical instruments these days. A huge number of all the guitars for sale in the UK at any given time will be listed on eBay, from private sellers AND retailers – especially second hand instruments. Buying from eBay can be a great experience, but it can also have its pitfalls. I wanted to write a blog to look in detail at buying from eBay, and I’ll probably add to this blog as time goes by. Continue reading

So You Think I’m Cheap?

Pricing any service is tricky and depending on any client’s point of view, any one price can look expensive or cheap. Many new guitarists (or parents of guitarists) think that guitar tech work is expensive, usually because the cost of the instrument was so low. It’s the whole “How come it costs £50 to set up a £90 guitar?” scenario. You can read that blog here – So You Think I’m Expensive?

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